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September 28, 2006



Wow, that is very obvious isn't it? One of my blogger friends recently commented how he figured that Newsweek was basically a democrat bashing news mag after reading several issues. I am 42 now (already??) but even as a teenager growing up in Holland did I know that the American press was just not hard hitting or honest about what went on. This is indirectly steering people in the 'right' direction of what's important isn't it? We (meaning a lot of my blogger friends and I ) are getting pretty despondent over the developments here in the US and the fact that, when you live in the midst of it, you can just tell that the majority of people really do not inform themselves or really do not give a bleep. Life goes on obladee obladaa. I find myself wondering (who knows, midlife crisis alert!lol) how my life would have gone if I had only stayed in Holland. Of course, I became Canadian and did not keep my Dutch citizenship! Brrrr...going back to Canada..if only they had a warm south!


Hoi Ingrid,

That despondent feeling you mention.. I know it well these days. More than despondent though, anger and shame, epsecially with the now passed interrogation and detention act. And yesterday I forced myself to watch Bush give an address and I can't figure out how anyone beyond that 10% - 15% of any population which is seriously mentally unstable, can still be buying his utter and total crap. Besides all that, I hope you have a nice weekend.


LOL @ the Magazine's cover!
Like they are living on Mars or in some other Galaxy!


Hey RadiantGuy:

Thanks for stopping by. This Newsweek thing was really weird. In fact its a very sad example of what you say in your blog description: "I just want them to see what they don't usually see in their media (western media)..."

When people only know what they hear from a very limited, narrow, filtered, and biased news media then people dont really know whats going on. I guess thats why a lot of us blog, among other reasons.

I will check out your blog more extensively later. Curious to read about what happened to you on Flickr that got you blogging.

Peace, salam, shalom

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