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November 11, 2006



What a brilliant sensitive piece Lenny. I share many of your feeling about the situation in Israel/Palestine. I hope you are not personally in any way identifying with the White Man...
You bear no guilt and I know you well enough to say that you are doing everything in your power to help bring about a just peace in this region.
Yes, the 'White Man' has done alot of evil in this world.. the Brits, Americans, French... the colonisers. Millions have suffered because of them and continue to do so...
But I am confident that their deeds will soon be history and justice will prevail...
Hang in there Bro!



Thanks for being so speedy and for your comments. Although I don't personally identify with the white man's guilt, I do feel a responsibility to in whatever way possible play a part in righting past wrongs. Not because I perpetuated them (well maybe I did in some ways while in the army) but more from the thought one is either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Let's all work, in our own ways, for justice being done!

Abed. Hamdan

This is one good point of view. You know what, in the Arab world, if anyone would say such thing he would be accused of being a conspiracy theorist! Even if you tried to state something happened few years ago, then you will directly get accused of exaggerating and being dreamy conspiracy theorist.

What you have said is true in many perspective. and I beleive this "white man" mind will still contribute to many troubles in the future.

As an Arab, middle Eastern, and Palestinian, I beleive that the western interest in the middle eastern land will be the reason of more fights and wars between Palestinians and Israel, and establishing peace between us (palestinians/israeli) is something that would affect their plans somehow, and hence we'll suffer more.

but let's be more optimistic like the brave "desert peace", and with peopel like DesertPeace and you lenny, peace is the future, god willing :)



Thanks for taking a look and giving your feedback. I am surprised when you say such opinions would be called 'conspiracy theory' in the Arab world. Would that be the official government line or from the 'man in the street?'

Regarding peace b/w Palestine and Israel comment - sometimes I cant shake the feeling that the 'powers that be' maintain just that level of violence between the states in their sphere of influences that optimizes furthering their own goals. Interestingly, I am pretty sure that the top 5 arms dealers in the world are the 5 permanent members of the security council. Gives me visions of the puppet master with puppets on a string.

The Raccoon

Lenny - uhm. Conspiracy theories indeed.

I am well aware of how influential post-colonialism is in Western (and Eastern, from the opposite direction) academic thought. But it's simply the wrong framework.

States do what they need to in order to survive. That's just a fact of life, confirmed by any political theorist worth his salt - from Tacitus to Lao Tze to Machiavelli to Marx to Churchill (yes, I know Marx is in the wrong company here...). Individual ethics and state ethics are simply different, since the scales and needs are different.

We have all heard "Zionism = colonialism" argument before, I am sure... and it still holds no water. I am sure you can figure out why.

Oh, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is, frankly, insignificant from the POV of the West. USA needs Israel as an ally... and that more or less sums it up.

From an Arab POV, it's a whole different thing, complicated by imperialism, pan-Arabism, religion, culture, inferiority complexes and other issues. Israel is also a very useful scapegoat for dictatorial Islamic regimes, much like they use Islam as a rallying point.

White Man's Guilt is the foul offspring of racist bigotry's furious coupulation with Thanatos.

Abed. Hamdan

Actually it's the not the governments who accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist, they are the people here :)


Yes A. H. I'm sure you are right. Without the interference from evil white people there would be peace between Israel and her neighbors. Right.


Hi Raccoon. Welcome back. Hope all goes well with your and yours.

The Raccoon

Thank you, Lenny. All's indeed good - winter's here, and nothing can be wrong when it's raining :)


Lenny, I would like to add that in the middle east the colonial involvment is not only with a region but religion(s), it will be a very difficult one to resolve. A resolution to this crisis will be the most powerful coming together of civilizations, races, and religions in the history of humans (if and when it happens).


Hey xyz,

I certainly agree with what you say. And realize that a resolution of the problems there are extremely difficult. However I am not without hope.

I am however disappointed in the lack of awareness amongst people in general and leaders in particular, that just as we make human progress in technology and certain cultural and behavioral aspects in society, we pay very little attention to creating progress when it comes to conflict resolution.

Too many people, when it comes to these kinds fo conflicts, especially in the Middle East, fall back on ideas like, 'it has always been that way,' and similar limiting thoughts.

While we would never accept 'it has always been that way' when it came to eradicating polio, or exploring the planet or space, or providing low-cost AIDS medicines in Africa, to name a few examples.

So I remain hopeful although I know how high the mountain is that we need to climb.

Peace, shalom, salam

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