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    A few photos as an impression of the road I am traveling. So if you want to have a glimpse of some parts and times of my life you are welcome to see what I have seen.

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June 11, 2007



This was a brilliant post Lenny...
Thank you!


Hi DP,

Thnks for your kind words but much more thanks for taking the time to read it. It all seems quite simple to me and sometimes I just can't understand why we make it so difficult. What do we have to lose by living here together in peace? Of course nothing, so why don't we just do it.

As you can imagine, I would like this particular piece to get a wide readership so don't be afraid to quote it, reference it, pass it on, as I know your public is much larger than mine.

Be well!


I will repost it on my blog in it's entirety...


Wow, thank you for your support for this message DP!


I saw the piece over at Desert peace's site. Good stuff Lenny.



Thanks for the visit and for reading this post in particular.

Be well.

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