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Where shall I begin? At the beginning? Boy that was a long time ago, 1955 to be exact.

Its been a wild ride so far. And maybe I haven't loved every minute of it but I wouldn't change my life as it is today so it wouldn't make sense to want to change anything that has gone before and brought to me Now.

I've been far-left, moderate, intellectual, anti-intellectual, religious, atheist, blue-collar worker, white-collar worker, yacht skipper, electrician, businessman, farmer, soldier, medic, caterer... but never a butcher a baker or candlestick maker. But I still have some time.

And now... just a person connecting with other voices of reason and hope when it comes to our future and the future of our planet.


general interests: transformation, peace, multi-cultural harmony, human justice, poverty and disease eradication, education. business interests: authenticity, values-based business, creative organizations