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    A few photos as an impression of the road I am traveling. So if you want to have a glimpse of some parts and times of my life you are welcome to see what I have seen.

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April 23, 2007


Simonne Walvisch

I felt sick after january 16 ! I can't discribe how I feel now, after I read your article !!!!!!
G'd, Allah, Jezus and all the others please HELP .


Hi Simonne,

Thnks for stopping by and I can imagine how you feel. Unfortunately we will always have individuals that for whatever reason have something terribly wrong in their heads or souls. And once in a while, one of those people will become like this guy.

Be well!

Simonne Walvisch

Maybe, just maybe they are made this way by the madness our world finds itself in. Thanks for your comfort!

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