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March 17, 2008



Once more you have hit it on the head. George has always romanticized war because he never had to fight one. He is, and always has been, like a child, in love with the uniform and the flight suit and the helmet he got to wear in the fighter plane.
I recently heard Fay Vincent, the former major league baseball commissioner interviewed, and he said that Bush had called him many years ago, before W became governor of Texas, in an effort to enlist his aid in becoming baseball commissioner himself. Unfortunately, for the world, that didn't happen. Think of all the lives, the countless lives, especially, but not limited to, innocents that would have been saved.


Hi James,

Thnks for stopping by and commenting. Never had heard that before. Shame it didnt happen. It would have been a lot better if George had screwed up the national pastime as opposed to now having screwed up the nation.

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