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January 14, 2009



lennybruce said: the current war in Gaza, Israel has America in its pocket. Either way you look at it, the guy scares me now more than ever and should not be calling the shots at such a tragic and dangerous moment.


Truer words were never spoken. I am frighten too, for Gazans obviously, and Americans.


Hi Lance. Nice to see you again. Thanks for your thoughts. I am very frightened for all the Palestinians, most immediately as you say for the Gazans. But also for the Israelis as they will also suffer from their own and their leaders' decades long myopia and ambivalence towards the Palestinians. I fear the hopes for peace may be fading as Israel may now feel more secure than ever in her own obstinacy. If Israel has wrought all this death and destruction indeed for the cause of peace then I would expect next week an announcement that she is beginning with the evacuation of all the settlements that are at least east of the wall and removing half the roadblocks in the West Bank. But that will never happen sadly enuff.

Be well my friend.


"The Whitehouse and the State Department have vigorously denied Olmert's version of events but Olmert's office and spokesperson, Mark Regev, have all stood by Olmert's account. (I saw and heard the comments in question on the news and can assure you he did indeed make these claims to his audience in Hebrew)."

Sadly lenny, after forcing myself to read the comments sections in jpost and haaretz for the last few months, I'd have to say this sort of remark is further proof of the national illness infecting the state of Israel. Personally, I fear for all of us if humanity has come to the point where madmen like this run the asylums, without restraint.


Hi Fiona,

Nice to see you. I must sadly agree with your view. The last few days I could no longer resist the urge to read thru the talkbacks also in jpost, haaretz and ynet. Although I knew there was overwhelming support for the Isr government I was nonetheless shocked. And saddened. And now more than at any time in the last 2 decades filled with despair. I must very sadly agree also with your point that Isr is suffering from some sort of national illness. Everywhere I see so many opportunities to work towards peaceful solutions but the forces opposing that, especially the hypocritical Isr gov't, are just too strong at the moment. Woe to us, woe to us. Be well my friend.


All Olmert did was confirm what the arab world already had suspected. But he was an idiot to say it.
I agree with you about Iran and for that matter Hamas too and of course cautiously give them an opening towards negotiations. But when you call someone an axis of evil they will never come to the table to make peace.
I wonder if Geithner will give other people with tax problems leeway now?
How come the IRS did not garnish his wages like they do for everyone else that fell behind? (can you tell I work in payroll?)


Hi Halla,

I must admit I am torn on the 'Jewish influence' thing. On the one hand, I realize that the so-called 'Jewish lobby' particularly in the guise of AIPAC is one of the most effective in Washington. And, if one were to talk about why there isn't better gun control in the USA then a lot of the blame (or credit some may say) goes to the influence of the NRA. The same can be said of the influence on the auto and oil lobbies when it comes to mileage standards. So why am I so torn on the question of the 'Jewish lobby'? Even given the influence, whatever it may be, even I can not imagine that an Israeli PM could exert that kind of direct and immediate influence on a President. All that being said, I realize that the perception is very strong in the Arab world and as I think Rolling Stone mag once made famous, "Perception is reality."

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