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September 27, 2011



"There's a lot of darkness in the world these days. And we are the only ones who can drive out the darkness and bring in the light."

Care to elucidate?

What if one considers religion a form of darkness, a darkness of the mind?

Only knowledge and truth bring light, neither of which are in great abundance in religion.



Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree with you in large part. In the hands of too many, religion is more a source of darkness than of light. That is indeed one of the challenges we face. And in too many ways and in too many hands and heads, religion is a source of contentious, competitive, aggressive and even violent dogma and not of light, compassion, brotherhood or peace. A huge problem. Make no mistake, I am no big fan of organized religion given the way the three major monotheistic religions have manifested themselves in the world today and thru history. Peace and love.

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